CompassTeam360For Teams

CompassTeam is designed to provide teams with feedback about their performance within their organisation. By comparing the team’s self-assessment with the feedback from other teams, this tool helps emphasise what the team needs to do in order to improve stakeholder relationships. It is a quick and easy-to-use online process that results in a Team Feedback Report showing scores and comments from other teams.

5 Set Development Goals

After a review session, the Subject team sets development goals. These may focus on maintaining core strengths and/or addressing areas of concern. Each Team Feedback Report includes a development planning tool to help capture specific actions, measures, time-scales and resources needed to ensure success.

4 Review Feedback

It is vital that the subject Team has an opportunity to review the Team Feedback Report and discuss how they intend to respond to the data and comments. Without this they may overlook opportunities to improve their performance or worse, could even reinforce inappropriate behaviour and activity. Compass can help with this step by running Team Awareness sessions.

3 Generate Reports

When all Raters have submitted their responses our Client Services Team will generate a Team Feedback Report. These are available to review online and we can email them to your nominated contact.

2 Collect Responses

Team members individually complete questionnaires on how they rate their own team's performance. Results are averaged for the Team Feedback Report. Questionnaires are sent out to individuals in other Rater teams that interact with the subject team.

1 Design Questionnaire

CompassTeam is completely bespoke; you can use your own competencies and behaviours or choose from our extensive library. The rating scale, scale definitions, rater categories, open questions and contact emails can be tailored to your specification, by our Client Services Team.

6 Feedback Wall

This feature helps the Subject Team turn good intentions into new behaviours that are permanent. It is a secure, on-line place to post development objectives and invite on-going feedback from the rater teams who contributed to the earlier 360 process and/or other colleagues. Feedback is private. Subject teams use it to support regular performance conversations. The Wall provides evidence of progress and behavioural change in specific areas. Posted feedback remains on the wall for 12-months and can be printed or downloaded.

Compass Team Feedback

Benefits of CompassTeam

This tool helps teams understand the priorities for them to improve stakeholder relationships within their organisation. This helps them to accurately set direction for their performance improvement and encourage team cohesion.

For the Subject For your organisation
Real data about your current capabilities Trusted and reliable expert partner
Target specific areas for development Secure and confidential data collection and collation
Discover differences in perceptions and tailor capability improvement activity Bureau Service looks after all set-up, admin and project management
Increased awareness = increased engagement Run Comparison Reports after 9 months to measure progress and ROI
Easy-to-use Team Feedback Reports Global capacity and capability, with projects in multiple languages
Team takes control of their own development Project remains active for as long as you need
Feedback wall to help ongoing development  


Click here to download a CompassTeam Sample Report