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How does it work?

Compass Individual

Compass360 is designed to help individual leaders or managers discover personal strengths and areas for improvement, comparing self-assessment with the perception of others. It is a quick and easy-to-use on-line process that results in a detailed Personal Feedback Report. This enhanced insight and self-awareness enables them to accurately set direction for personal and professional development.

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Compass Team

CompassTeam is designed to provide teams with feedback about their performance within their organisation. By comparing the team’s self-assessment with the feedback from other teams, this tool helps emphasise what the team needs to do in order to improve stakeholder relationships. It is a quick and easy-to-use online process that results in a Team Feedback Report showing scores and comments from other teams.

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Compass Coaching

Our coaching sessions with leaders and managers focus on improving performance at work and are based on a Cognitive Behaviour Coaching (CBC) approach. This helps identify specific behaviours and development priorities in order to improve productivity and perceptions of you in the workplace.

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Compass Consulting

Our team of Consultants is available to support clients and in-house HR teams with additional work to help position, deliver and embed their 360 degree feedback projects. Our consultants have industry experience that helps us understand the pressures HR teams face in delivering quality 360 degree feedback sessions for individuals and teams that suit their organisation’s culture.

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