CompassConsulting For HR Teams

Our team of Consultants is available to support clients and in-house HR teams with additional work to help position, deliver and embed their 360 degree feedback projects. Our consultants have industry experience that helps us understand the pressures HR teams face in delivering quality 360 degree feedback sessions for individuals and teams that suit their organisation’s culture.


How does it work?

Working alongside HR teams we can assist with:

  • Writing a business case for 360 degree feedback to help influence clients’ key stakeholders
  • Linking 360 degree feedback to other elements of a HR or talent development strategy
  • Developing a competency framework specific to a client’s climate and culture
  • Equipping employees with the knowledge, skills and resources to deliver 1:1 feedback sessions using Compass360 Personal Feedback Reports
  • Facilitating workshops to help intact teams work with feedback data in CompassTeam Feedback Reports
  • Designing leadership and talent development activity as a follow-on to 360 degree feedback
  • Helping to build specific ROI tools that capture the financial impact of 360 degree feedback projects
  • Writing case-study articles for publication

Benefits of CompassConsulting

360 degree feedback can benefit the overall performance of your organisation. Using our consultancy service will help your HR team deliver effective 1:1 feedback sessions and establish long-term development strategies for leaders and managers.

For the client organisation:

  • Trusted and reliable expert partner
  • Practical and pragmatic services and solutions
  • External perspective across the HR marketplace
  • Objective external view of the client organisation


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