CompassCoaching For Leaders

Our coaching sessions with leaders and managers focus on improving performance at work and are based on a Cognitive Behaviour Coaching (CBC) approach. This helps identify specific behaviours and development priorities in order to improve productivity and perceptions of you in the workplace.


How it works?

The focused approach to our coaching process is goal oriented. With the help of their Compass360 Personal Feedback Report, we aim to help improve performance in specified competencies and behaviours identified by the Subject.




Our Consultant leads their client through a programme of six 1:1 sessions designed to positively move through distinct phases:

  • Discovery – helping the client understand and accept their current reality, from blind-spots to known development needs, then identify causes and symptoms
  • Direction – supporting them as they test practical solutions to develop new ways of working
  • Development – encouraging the client to adopt new practices into their daily routines and achieve their goals

Each session lasts 1.5-2 hours. Sessions are 3-4 weeks apart. In between sessions the client completes workplace assignments; practical activities to try out new ways of working. The Coach and client agree the assignment at the end of each session and the client reports back at the beginning of the next.

Before the first meeting the Coach and client meet in a ‘Fit Session’ to explore personal styles, personality and motivation – in effect they test chemistry to ensure a working partnership is built on common foundations.

Across the sessions the Coach may involve other stakeholders – Sponsor, Customer, Line Manager for example – to introduce context and additional perspectives. The Coach manages any 3rd parties professionally and sensitively, ensuring confidentiality and maintaining anonymity where necessary.

The Benefits of CompassCoaching

Our Consultants work with leaders and managers in order to:

  • Help them develop specific skills and behaviours
  • Provide support as they move into a key organisational role
  • Address issues that are impeding their progress
  • Highlight potential career derailers and find ways to correct them


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