Cairn Energy

Describing how our Bureau Service manages a 360 project to collect data for a client’s performance management process...


Cairn Energy partnered with Compass360 to create a data-collection tool that feeds into our performance management process. Specifically, we wanted to include behavioural data – information about how our employees were doing their jobs – to supplement a manager’s evidence of their achievements.

Compass360 helped us in three ways:

1 - Design

Firstly, the Bureau Services team fine-tuned our behavioural statements and created a sample project based around our criteria and language. Cairn HR tested this and helped Compass360 edit the email communications that they would be sending to every Cairn employee.

2 - Development

Compass360 up-skilled our HR Team who would be running drop-in sessions for managers to help them work with the 360 behavioural data. They produced a Manager Guide and ran a workshop to help us interpret the Individual Report format. This ensured we could confidently address any questions from managers ahead of their 1:1s with team members.

3 - Delivery

When we were ready to launch, the Compass360 Bureau Service managed every aspect of our project. They were on the end of the ‘phone to answer questions and guide our people through the process. They provided weekly data to help us monitor take-up and progress. As the project closed, they sent us the raw data to analyse and load into our HR System. We used the information to support performance bonus decisions for our employees around the globe.

Murdo MacKay,
HR Director